•February 12, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Inspiration comes from all avenues of  life.  Most people are inspired by nature, beauty, love, and money.   Some of us are inspired most when we are  treated badly.  That is what has brought me here.  I will not go into any details.  Suffice it to say that I am more than the sum of what others have   known of me, and I will always be more than what people see.

I  wish to share that with  the world.  I am not a revolutionary, unless simplicity and doing the small things are revolutionary.  Then yes, call me a rebel.  My wish is to inspire all who come here to  do the little things.  Make this world better.  Smile at  people, clean up your neighborhood.  do not make the mistakes i have, in that I waited for others to help, to share.  They did not, for there was not photo op, no news crew there to see. 

It is better, if there  is nothing but silence, and only the birds to witness I say.  Do kind acts, not for the glory, but for the honor of doing them.  That is my revolution. I will do it, I have done it.  I hope more will join in the simple revolution that is a non-revolution, but if not, I will tilt this windmill alone, and gladly so.